Business Description

What is the LEP?

LEP stands for Light Emitting Plant.

The potential of LEP

I think the phrase “Realization of a life style without electricity” is enough to show the potential of LEP.

LEP’s Technology

Agri business: Sales of self-glowing plants

(ex.) Glowing plants for a peaceful life
  Sales of glowing plants such as cut flowers and potted flowers, etc.
  Manufacturing service to make desired plants luminescent.

Exhibition business: Creation of urban space and theme parks

(ex.) Exhibitions, visual materials, illuminations, etc.
  Exhibitions of glowing plants in such as theme parks, wedding party and fashion show, etc.

Energy business : Energy measures

ex.) Measures against global warming and energy insecurity due to conflicts.
  Glowing roadside trees for streets and highways.
  Rooftop wall greening using ornamental glowing plants.